Must Read - FMA Special Event to Benefit Charity in Mass with Jiu-Jitsu for Youth

 in Franklin - Franklin Martial Arts

It was also a good month for Franklin Martial Arts in regards to helping charities by fundraising and raising awareness.  One of the causes we also focused on this month was a really, really cool non-profit called Level Ground MMA.  We help numerous charities throughout the year, but this one really "spoke" to us.  Franklin Martial Arts held a special seminar with guest instructor Dan McCarthy, where a good majority of the entry fees were donated to the cause.  But just wait until you read what they actually do...
Level Ground MMA is a greater Boston based non-profit which aims to help less fortunate youth with guidance, tutoring, mentorship, martial arts training, and much more. At Franklin Martial Arts we absolutely understand how impactful martial arts training is for a youth. Level ground MMA uses Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to build relationships with youths in Massachusetts, and changes lives.  
Read more about them here:

Donations are welcome and 100% of donations will go towards them. If you wish to make a donation, please just see an FMA staff member or visit their website.

Thanks to all those who participated and donated!  And special thanks to Dan McCarthy for coming down to teach this seminar and for bringing this organization to our attention.

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