Franklin Martial Arts Bellingham Milford Franklin Food Drive

Franklin Martial Arts Bellingham Milford Franklin Food Drive

It's that time of the year, Thanksgiving, and soon comes the holiday season and everything that comes with it. We at Franklin Martial Arts would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and pleasant year-end season. Let's keep it fun and enjoy it.

To me, year-end celebration with shopping, presents, food and family represents a celebration of abundance.  I'm thankful that our community as a majority can experience this.  Although there are those who may be experiencing more difficult times, I'm also very happy and thankful that we are a fortunate majority who are often so generous to help and share with those in need.

As you may already know, Franklin Martial Arts has partnered with local food pantries like the Franklin Food Pantry, the Daily Bread Food Pantry in Milford and the Saint Blaise Church Pantry in Bellingham.  Our goal is simple, to act as an additional donation station that gathers donations from our students and the community to supply to these pantries, and to make these pantries more known.  All food and supplies dropped off at our school get delivered to these local pantries.  The gesture of donating even something small will directly affect communities in Milford, Bellingham and Franklin MA.  Franklin Martial Arts takes food donations year round.

The Butterfly Effect
This year, food pantries have reported shortages.  At this time, your small gesture could have large positive effects, especially during the holidays.  If we take a moment to give it some thought, we will see how helping a family in need with some supplies for a few meals can go a long way in helping others too feel a sense of abundance this holiday season. Personally, I believe that sometimes the big things are the little things.  Right now, we can make small food donations at a time that will have a huge positive impact.  What an opportunity! Join in!!!

Can YOU Help?
So we would like to call on all tribes, yes you; mom, grandma, dad, auntie, grandpa, kid, teen, cousin Jimmy and everyone, join Franklin Martial Arts in this increased effort to gather some supplies to be distributed this holidays season.

How can you help?
-Look through your own food cabinets for items that you may not want anymore.  I bet if you look deep in there you will find some cans that you won't use, probably alongside a couple other items that you could likely part with.  Bag it, and bring it in to our blue donations bins.

-Next time you go shopping, grab an extra shopping bag or two of easy canned items like soup or tuna.  Bring the bags in to our blue donation bins.

-Just donate money.  Check or cash, all will go directly towards the food pantries, or towards buying food or supplies for food pantries in Franklin, Bellingham and Milford.

-Donate directly to the pantries.  They have wish-lists so feel free to follow the links below if you wish to reach out to help.

For specific information on what they may need, please go here:

FMA Partner Food Pantries

Thank you for your participation.  
Sometimes, the little things are the big things.

Bruno Souza
Franklin Martial Arts

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