Green Friendly Franklin Martial Arts

Green Friendly Franklin Martial Arts

Green friendly Franklin Martial Arts

Did you know that Franklin Martial Arts generates its own electric power?  That's right!  You can hardly notice the solar panels from below, but they are clearly visible on Google Maps.  We love our solar panels!  We produce all the electricity we need, and then some.  So next time you find yourself enjoying our well lit training floors, remember that it's all clean energy.  

This means Franklin Martial Arts is offsetting our environmental footprint, and by supporting clean energy businesses like us, you are contributing to a cleaner environment too.  Since they were installed in 2014, the solar panels have generated about 20 gigawatt hours of energy per year.  That's probably enough for two or three nice houses.

Reduction of environmental footprint per year:

- 11 tons of carbon dioxide [Co2] emissions avoided
- 1,674 gallons of gas offset
- 3,790,600 lights bulbs for one hour
- 7,581,200 AA batteries powered
- 790 electric cars charged
- 3,506,305 smart phone charges
- 4,308 electric washer and dryer loads

The Franklin Martial Arts staff is very proud of these facts, and we are glad to be local pioneers in the Bellingham, Franklin, Milford area as far as clean energy businesses go.

FMA, leading the way.

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