Franklin Kids Martial Arts Classes

Beginner Kids Martial Arts Classes Enrolling In 1/30/2023

Give your child a head start and a new way of life through self-esteem, discipline, confidence and martial arts education! Franklin Martial Arts Kids Martial Arts programs help kids work towards achieving goals, gain self respect and self control. Our students also experience increased confidence and focus; this will show not only during our Taekwondo lessons, but also in school and at home.

Practicing martial arts like Tae Kwon-Do and Jiu-Jitsu enhances concentration, increases attention span and enhances the student's ability to focus. By raising children's level of concentration, their scholastic achievements will be greatly improved. Tae Kwon-Do is the best gift you can give your child and is truly an investment for life.

Kids Martial Arts Classes For Kids Of ALL AGES

Our classes are organized by age, maturity and skill level where our students will learn valuable life lessons such as social skills and teamwork through exciting group classes using the traditional ways of the martial arts.

  • Kids Program (Ages 4-12)
  • Teens Program (Ages 12-17)

Our Martial Arts classes for kids are packed with other great benefits for your kids, too! Just take a look:

  • Greater concentration that leads to improved school grades and behavior
  • Awareness of and respect for others
  • Improved confidence
  • Better habits in both school and at home
  • Bully prevention skills that will keep your child safe
  • A fun fitness program that encourages a healthy lifestyle

As part of the Franklin Martial Arts team, you will learn that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Learning self-defense with peers is an exciting way to exercise the body and mind.


Getting started is easy! Just fill out the short form on the side of this page to get all the information you need to get your child signed up for either our Kids classes today!

Kids Martial Arts Program Age Groups

  • From Age 4 To 5 (Tiny Tigers)
  • From Age 6 To 8 (Kids)
  • From Age 9 To 12 (Youth TKD)
  • From Age 9 To 12 (Youth BJJ)
  • From Age 13 To 17 (Teen TKD)

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