Franklin Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes

Beginner Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes Enrolling In 1/30/2023

Franklin Martial Arts Muay Thai program is a safe, adult-oriented class (ages 15+), for those who wish to add Muay Thai techniques to their tool box. The classes focus on skills such as punching, kicking, elbows, knees, footwork, conditioning, mit work, heavy bag and clinching drills, as well as some sparring at the end of class, which is optional.

Muay Thai is a different type of exercise that has many benefits. The Muay Thai workout uses the whole body especially the hips and core. It will help increase agility, speed, cardiovascular endurance, and strength. It also has the added benefits that it will help with self-defense and stress relief. The Muay Thai workout is also great conditioning for other activities or sports.


When you take the Muay Thai classes at Franklin Martial Arts, you'll get into amazing shape faster than any other fitness program can promise you. And if that's not enough, you'll enjoy a long list of life-changing benefits, too! Just take a look:

  • Unwanted weight will effortlessly disappear
  • You'll develop mind-blowing self-defense skills
  • You'll enjoy gorgeous muscle tone and a head-turning reflection
  • You'll laugh away your daily stress
  • Your fitness levels will be off the charts and you'll feel amazing
  • You'll enjoy unbreakable concentration and focus
  • You'll become more flexible and your reflexes will become razor sharp
  • Your confidence will skyrocket

At FMA, you'll train side-by-side with the very best Muay Thai instructors. So whether you're already in amazing shape or whether you need to lose more than few pounds, we'll custom-tailor your workout to make sure you reap the greatest benefit from each and every class!


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