Franklin Women's Kickboxing Classes

Beginner Women's Kickboxing Classes Enrolling In 1/30/2023

With Bruno Souza's unique Women's Kickboxing workout you won't just burn calories, you will be sculpting and shaping your entire body; building muscle in the arms, legs, butt, and abs through real punching and kicking training on real heavy bags. If done consistently, muscles will become toned and sculpted, stamina and energy will increase as well as metabolic rate, not to mention you will kick and punch like a kickboxer.

BENEFITS (to name a few)

In this class you will:

  • Tone your body, most noticeably your legs, arms and abs
  • Learn REAL Kickboxing Techniques that will boost your confidence
  • Noticeably increase your strength in two months
  • Improve Coordination Tremendously
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Learn Self-Defense
  • Meet other like-minded girls like yourself


Designed with a high energy atmosphere, our Women's Kickboxing class is unlike any other anywhere. Our program includes a mix of the dynamic kicking of Olympic Tae Kwon-Do, plus Boxing. Our Women's Kickboxing curriculum is completely unique to our school and head instructor, Bruno Souza.




This weekly class goes over all the aspects of Kickboxing including punching, kicking, stance, movement, combinations and we spend a good portion of time punching targets and kicking heavy bags with the help of punching gloves and foot pads. In addition, we also do strength training, endurance training, stretching, and emphasize a cardio component all while there is a high beat tune pumping in the background. But make no mistake, this is not Cardio-Kickbox. This is a real Kickboxing class, and we emphasize true Kickboxing technique.

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